'Cause I'm strong and lonely like Marilyn Monroe.

I think I saw you crying.
I think you saw me dead.

I've been here before.
I'm at that place.
I'm where your memory rests.
With all the broken promises.
With all the lost souls.
I'm where the broken hearts are mended.

I think I saw Marilyn,
maybe we could be friends.
At the end,
I'm like her.

We're both lost in ourselves,
we rather sleep than dream,
we prefer the pills than a nightmare.
We're surrounded by people,
but in the end we're alone.

I think I saw her,
she was smiling,
but I could see the tears through her eyes.
I know she's not happy,
I know that she is depressed,
and I know than more than all the medication
she'd prefer someone to love her.
For who she is,
not for who they think she is.

I'm fine now.
No that 'fine' that forced me to suicide,
more than that,
I think that I'm alright.

So don't cry, don't cry for me.

Att: Carla♥

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